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I would like to tell you all about re themes I have been creating for BlackBerry Phones. The names of them are:

  • Hotrod
  • Cobra
  • RedPast
  • The Meerkat
  • The Peacock
  • 3D Spring Season

if anyone reading this has purchased any of these themes then I’d like to thank them for choosing us 🙂


The latest version of my EPAC Slot Machine has been released at :
New Features:

    1. Hold Items
    2. New Game
    3. Save Game
    4. Load Game
    5. Updated Odds

1. Hold Items
You can now hold items to increase your chance of winning big.
2. New Game
You can now start a new game at any time during a game.
3. Save Game
You can now save you progress.
4. Load Game
You can now load a previously saved game. (May not work. Report any bugs you may find with this feature. Thanks)
5. Updated Odds
The odds have been changed to increase and decrease your chance of winning certain things.

Thanks for Reading

EPAC Website

Posted: August 29, 2011 in EPAC, Game, Website
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I am currently developing a website for my company, which is essentially a one man team, to display all its works and to provide everyone its range of services. I hope you will visit my website at:
If that link does not work then I suggest you use :

Thank you

EPAC Slot Machine

Posted: August 8, 2011 in EPAC, Game
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I have recently, yesterday, developed my first ever game. It is a slot machine game which is for amusement purposes only. Real Money is not involved but it is still quite a fun simulation. You can download it at

Or you can look at a few screenshots etc at
It’s for windows only.