I picked up my phone and dialled Meg’s number. She answered straight away.


   “What’s the craic? You wanna go to the cinema? Or the club?” I asked, patiently.

   “Wait there till I check what’s on,”

    I was on the line for about five minutes before she came back and said, “Naw, let’s just go to the club. Swing round by my house by six o’clock.”

   “Ok that’s fine. See you then,” I replied.

   I’ll admit it; I had a crush on her. She had beautiful brown eyes, long dark shiny hair and a great smile. She was funny and always cheered me up when I was down and always had a way of finding the light within the dark with me.

    I got ready as quickly as possible and then ran downstairs straight into my mum.

   “What are you all dressed up for?” she asked.

   “I’m going out,” I answered.

   “I guessed that, but why are you dressed up?” she replied.

   “I’m going to the club with Meg,” I said pushing past her and sprinting out the door.

   “Good luck,” mum shouted, just as I closed the door.

   I checked my watch when I got to the bottom of my street. Ten to six. Meg lived a good fifteen minutes walk away. I didn’t want to run in case I’d sweat and smell so I walked but quickly.

   Turned out I got there just at six. She was waiting for me at her door. Like I said she was beautiful and she smiled at me. She walked down towards me and took my hand. My heart leaped.

   We took our time when getting to the club as we were talking about our own secrets. It was fun. I saw Martin just outside the club.

   Martin was my friend from school and he was likely to take the hand at me if he saw Meg and me holding hands but before he noticed us someone must have called him from within because he vanished behind the door.  Meg stopped and turned around to face me.

   “Darren, are you sure you want to go in there? Martin’s in there?” asked Meg.

   “Naw, not really,” I replied.

   Suddenly Meg kissed me.

   BANG! Blood splattered onto my face and Meg fell to the ground, blood pouring from her head. I checked her pulse, but it was no use. She was gone. Dead. Forever.

   That kiss would haunt me for all my life. Meg’s last act. I have written this in remembrance of her last day.

 Note this story is all fictional. Everything.


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