Phit Fight

Phit Fight

I woke very early in the morning thanks to a little emotion called fear! It was fear from having to fight my first phit today. Yes, it was only a Legit-Doseta-Level 4, but I wasn’t even a Legit yet! I was just a demon learning the ropes. Studying to be a phit. I sat up in my bed and looked around at my very familiar bedroom.

There were two wardrobes, a chest of drawers, the bed, obviously, and a desk with a chair beside it. There was also a bookcase but it was bare, as the only book was lying beside my bed because I was reading it before I went to sleep. It was called: The Ropes for Beginners. It was a book based on phits and magic but could only be sold to a phit, as a phit can have an apprentice.

It was supposed to help me in my duel tomorrow but all it did was make me feel scared. It told me that I could summon up the wrong phit if I made a mistake and if I summoned up one stronger than me then I was facing a death sentence.

I was sort of excited at the same time though because if I win the first part of my three assessments to become a Legit-Doseta-Level 4 would be completed.

I knew one spell, the fire bolt. It would be useless on its own. There was a list of spells in the book so I flicked it open and found the page based on spells, but I went a page too far. The title of the page said, “Simplifying Spells”. The article read:

It is possible to simplify spells to make them easier to cast.

This is done through a ritual. If it is successful then the caster merely has to think of the spell and as long as it has been simplified, the casters body will recognize the spell and will cast it when the caster gives the say so.

Now to do this you will need the following equipment:

A piece of chalk,

Five candles,

And the correct incantation.

Once you have a piece of chalk, draw a circle and place the five candles equally spaced around the outside of the circle.

Step into the circle and say, “Devit Phiats” followed by the incantation of the spell you wish to simplify.

After finishing the incantation wait four minutes and then blow out all candles.

If you want to simplify another spell, wait until you have regained all your energy before restarting the process as doing this drains your energy significantly.

I immediately turned to the page that had the list of spells on it and started practising the water bolt spell and the lightning strike. After half an hour I had mastered the water bolt spell, leaving my room soaking. I tried the spell one more time. I relit the two candles needed and spoke the words, “Natios Weets Lutos.”

Holding my hand towards the wall, a shot of water burst from my hand. It travelled fast and splashed over the white wallpaper, leaving it soaking.

I was just about to try the lightning strike spell when I thought better of it as I didn’t want to start a fire. This would be useful in my duel too! My master gave me the book to help me with my studies and if I ever wanted, learn more on my own.

My master had an attic where he allowed me to practise whenever I wanted. It was full of everything a demon training to be a phit needed.

I lifted up my book and passing a mirror, which showed a red faced boy with horns growing from his scalp which supported a lock of black hair, walked out the door into the hall, which was full of photos of famous phits, such as Horat Sladstone, and Danet Djjeets. The walls were covered with blue wallpaper. The staircase was made of mahogany and the stair were covered with a green patterned carpet.

I climbed my way up the stairs to the attic. Once in I took a look around and noticed the rafters had a few burn marks on them. My master had obviously been practising recently. I opened my book and memorized the incantation for the Lightning Strike sell: Natios Lineets Lutos.

I walked over to the equipment cupboard and withdrew two candles and started practising. I read the incantation after lighting the candles and held my hand up, towards the wall. A bolt of lightning shot from my hand but it faded away before going a meter in front of me. I kept practising and soon, after an hour, I got the hang of it. I caused a couple of burn marks on the wall in front of me but it didn’t matter.

I decided that it was time to simplify one of my spells and as I was more confident with the Fire Bolt spell, so I withdrew another three candles and drew a large circle in the middle of the floor using a piece of chalk, which came from a separate drawer beside the equipment cupboard, and placed the candles equally around it by dividing the circumference by five.

I stepped inside the circle and readied myself. I spoke the words clearly, “Devit Phiats Natios Fiets Lutos.”

I immediately looked at the clock which was hanging from the wall to my left. It wasn’t a very fancy clock. Just one that my master could use to help with his own practises.

When the four minutes ended I blew out the candles, then, facing the wall that I hit with the lightning, I held up my hand and thought about the Fire Bolt spell. When I was ready, I said to myself, “Cast!”

A feeling of pure warmth filled my hand and I waited for the inevitable tongue of fire to burst from my hand. It didn’t. The ritual had failed. I set the ritual up again and this time I spoke the words with defiance in my voice, “Devit! Phiats! Natios! Fiets! Lutos!

Four minutes later I blew out the candles feeling very weak. I stood up and my head began to spin, so I sat down on the ground and waited a few more minutes before standing back up again.

I felt slightly sick, but I ignored it. I raised my hand towards the same wall again, and again thought of the Fire Bolt spell. When I felt I was ready I said to myself, “Cast!”

Warmth filled my hand and a second later, a tongue of yellow-red fire shot out of it, heading straight at the wall. The tongue didn’t start a fire when it collided, it wasn’t strong enough for that, and instead it left a scorch mark, a black burn mark, on the wall.

I tried it again and it worked but I was so tired and hungry that I didn’t even attempt to simplify another spell. I went down the stairs to the kitchen; a sweet smelling room with a lot of cupboards made from pine, a fridge, a cooker and also a sink, and opened the cupboard beside the fridge. I withdrew a box of cereal and then I grabbed a bowl from the press opposite the fridge, above the cooker. Once I poured the cereal out into the bowl I went to the fridge and took out the milk and poured that into the cereal before sitting down to tuck in.

When I was finished I rinsed out my bowl and then left it in the sink to be washed properly later. I dragged myself back up the stairs into my bedroom and lay down on the bed. Immediately I was asleep.

I travelled past a dark metal gate that was set into an old ivy-covered, crumbling wall, up the stone drive towards the front door of the frightening manor. Beads of sweat ran down my face from fear. It was after me! I was completely defenceless against its evil. I heard the gate creak as it was being pushed open by the monster.

The moon came out from behind a cloud and its beam of light fell on the monster. The first thing I seen was the grey horns, then the red skin. The yellow eyes were lifeless and the face, sunken. The bared teeth had a hint of blood at their tips. I was staring at me, an evil me.

The evil me raised its hand and shot a bolt of fire at me. Just as the tongue of fire licked my chest I woke up. Sweat was dripping from me. It was the one thing I feared most, me turning evil while training to be a phit.

It took me a few minutes to calm down and once I had I remembered that I wanted to simplify another spell, so I wearily climbed up to the attic and reset the ritual. I walked into the circle and got ready. When I was happy enough to continue I said, “Devit Phiats Natios Weets Lutos!

Again I felt like I was drained of all my energy and once the four minutes were up I blew out the candles and went to get up when I was sick. It was only then I realised that I might not have enough time to recover for my duel.

I looked over at the clock on the wall. Quarter to eight. Good. My master doesn’t usually get up until half past nine and even then he doesn’t start lessons until eleven. That meant if I relaxed for an hour I can then come back up here and simplify the Lightning Strike spell if I was feeling OK. After that I would have enough time to rest before I go face to face with the phit.

I was doing all this to make my fight a tad easier. You see, if I can cast without saying anything it will take the phit a little longer to realise what he or she has to do before being able to defend itself and there was no doubt that the phit would be able to do this as well. I was just evening out the odds.

With all that in mind I went downstairs to the living room and turned on the television. A documentary about how humans could be born with extra limbs and unexpected limbs was on. It was mildly interesting so I watched it till the end.

“There is another way that humans can obtain unexpected limbs and this is the part where we take a break and start with a new topic when we come back as we are not allowed to mention this on air. If you want to know more about it visit our website,” said the voice from the TV.

I flicked over the channel to a music channel and started singing along to the tunes I knew. Before I knew it my hour was up but it was on number two on the charts so I waited to see if it was the same number one as it was last week. It was.

I was feeling much better but I was behind my schedule a bit so I hurried up the stairs and simplified the spell quickly.

Devit Phiats Natios Lineets Lutos!” I cried. Ten minutes later I was lying on top of my bed again. I was too tired to pull the covers around me. I fell asleep but not after setting my alarm clock to half ten. This gave me an hour and ten minutes before I had to get up and get ready for my fight.


It didn’t even seem like I was asleep five minutes, but that didn’t matter I had hurry up and get changed into my light clothes. These consisted of a very light grey shirt, a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a zip up jumper.

I ran as fast as I could down to the basement where all practical lessons took place. When I opened the door my master was already there. He was wearing a long grey robe with a grey t-shirt on underneath. The robe went down past his feet and trailed along the ground so I couldn’t tell what sort of trousers he had on. After looking at his appearance my eyes travelled up to his face. He was an old wizened phit. He had horns sticking out all round his face and long black hair turning grey. His eyes were red. It would have been easy to mistake him to be evil if he didn’t have a warm friendly smile on his face and his eyes so welcoming.

“You’re early, Jake, but in saying that so am I! Now, today is a special day for you! Remember, if you win this fight you have just passed the first part of your assessment. Oh, and I realised last night that the book I gave you says that if you make a mistake when calling a phit by name you may summon up a phit that is stronger than the one you are trying to summon. Don’t worry about that. You’ll be summoning up a phit using its race, type, and level. If you make a mistake here you’ll still summon up a phit of the same race and type the only difference will be the level of that phit. Now, tell me, what spells do you know?” asked my master. His name was Mr Fjint.

“Well, sir, I woke up early this morning and finding nothing else to do, I taught myself a few new spells. Well, two to be exact. The Water Bolt spell and the Lightning Strike spell. Also I simplified them so that it makes my job a tad easier. The book you gave me helped me with all of this, sir,” I replied. A huge grin crossed Mr Fjint’s face.

“Well, I’m glad to see it has come in useful for something. Ha-ha. I have complete confidence in you even if you do summon up something stronger than what we want. You do remember how to summon up a phit, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,”

“Great! We’ll get started immediately. Stand over there. On over a bit. There we go! Now when you start the incantation to summon it up replace the name with first the race, then the type and finally the level. I told you everything else you need to know,” said Mr Fjint.

“Yes, sir. Here we go. Leckus Rotux Legit-Doseta-Level 4 Latne Shovex!” I roared.

You may be thinking, “How can he tell if it’s evil or not?”  To answer that, the word Rotux states that the phit is supposed to be evil. For it to be a good phit you need to use Dotuxe instead.

A blue outline of a circle glowed on the ground about ten paces in front of me at my words. My master told me that you could tell the level of a phit by the number of rings on its arm. This told me that something wasn’t right. A dark figure began to form within the circle and the blue outline rose up over the top of the figure’s head.

Once the blue ring cleared, I noticed only one ring on the arm of the Doseta, not four. I was facing something stronger than what I wanted. The objective was to leave the phit wounded and then command it to do something.

The phit in front of me had taken the form of a bloodhound. It spoke in a male’s voice. That’s one thing that can’t be changed even though the true from of the phits could be on certain planes.

I was fighting a male, Legit-Doseta-Level 1! The bloodhound’s hair was black and its eyes were yellow. He was angry. He had his teeth bared. He bent his legs to pounce and just when I thought it was about to rip me to sheds it transformed into a man.

This man had yellow eyes and a plump face but was skinny and tall. He had black hair too. He looked around and saw my master. He then realised what was happening.

“I have been summoned by a demon who isn’t even a Doseta-Level 4 yet and his master is smiling? His master can’t intervene,” barked the man.

“That is true, but I don’t think I need to,” replied Mr Fjint.

“You have a lot of confidence in this child; I reckon he ain’t even thirteen yet!”

“That doesn’t matter. You were summoned here to fight, now let’s get on with it!” I shouted.

“Oh, feisty one. OK, prepare to be at my feet begging child!”

A bolt of fire issued from his hand and it nearly collided with me. I jumped out of the way just in time but another bolt of fire was coming at me again. Again I dodged but that time it was closer. I turned around and issued a burst of water at him, but he had sent a fire bolt at the same time and they collided.

That gave me the few seconds I need to get back on my feet. I shot another bolt of water at him but he dodged it, so I sent four bolts of water in quick succession at him. He was able to avoid the first three shots but the last collided with his back propelling him to the ground. Time to fry him.

I thought of the Lightning Strike spell and thought to myself, “Cast!” A bolt of lightning issued from my raised hand, but he was ready for it. His hand turned to rubber and it absorbed the attack.

“No, you don’t! Now! Now it is time you realised just how you are facing!” shouted the man.

Five steel knives shot out of his hand and came swiftly in my direction. Two Water Bolts hit two of them sending them off course and then I was able to avoid the last three. He was right. I didn’t know what sort of powers he had.

He had pushed himself to his feet and summoned two candles. They were lit. This was a risky thing to do because I could also use the candles to help me. Not that it would have the only other spell I knew was the Push spell. All it did was push things in the direction I wanted. I still hadn’t got the hang out it though.

The man was whispering something to himself. This would give me time to think of what I could do. Then all of a sudden an idea came to me. I used the Push spell to knock over the candles. They set the ground on fire. Great! That was what I wanted. I made myself look panicky and started casting a lot of Water Bolts at the fire which was spreading rapidly. I put the fire out in around a minute leaving the floor soaking.

The man was angry. Really angry! I interrupted a spell that most likely would have killed me. He stepped forward onto the wet part of the floor. I jumped back as if in fright and shot a strike of lightning at the same time. The lightning hit the ground in front of the man and when he seen where it was going he laughed. But it didn’t last long as an electrical current shot up through him. He wasn’t ready for this. Smoke started rising up from the top of his head. He fell on his knees, smoke still rising up from him.

I took that chance to put him under a command.

“I command you to tell me you name, phit,” I commanded.

“Reviter,” he whispered.

“Well then, I command you, Reviter, to travel back to where you came from not mentioning my name at all or what I have done to you to save you from humiliation,” I said.

“Thank you, Great One,” With that Reviter disappeared.

Note this story is all fictional.


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